Pokemon Marill Minimal Phone Wallpaper

Pokemon Marill Minimal Phone Wallpaper

Pokemon Marill Minimal Phone Wallpaper

Maril is a small, blue, bipedal semi-aquatic rodent Pokémon. It has an almost spherical shape with a white belly and has rounded ears with a red interior. Its sensitive ears can detect distant sounds. Pokemon Maril’s arms and legs are extremely short and have no notable figures.

The zigzag black tail has a blue bubble-like ball at the end. The tail is flexible and built to stretch, and the ball is filled with oil, which acts as a float to help Maril lift. The ball at the end of Maril’s tail can glow when Maril attacks. In the anime, it was shown that Maril can jump off his tail. Thanks to its water-repellent fur, the Marillu can swim in strong water currents without slowing down due to water resistance.

During the autumn months, in addition to hunting for food, Marilu eats aquatic plants. While diving, the tail can be seen floating on the water surface. When fishing on the edge of a fast-moving stream, it follows the method of fixing the tail around the tree. Maril swims in cold water and does not get cold afterwards, because the water-repellent fur dries quickly as soon as it is out of the water. Maril lives by the water.

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