The Cult Films List: Unforgettable Classics and Their Impact

The Best Cult Films of All Time – There are many great films out there. They attract and gather all the awards like magnets. However, they may not have original stories or bring a new breath to the industry. This article focuses on films that have influenced the film industry instead of discussing films with the most awards. Of course, there can be numerous films in this category for various genres. However, we would like to talk about five films in this content.

1 Fight Club – 1999

Fight Club Dovus Kulubu 1999

This film, released in 1999, was undoubtedly a legend like the other films on the list. Based on Chuck Palahniuk’s book, it tells the story of a young man leading a monotonous life. Jack, an ordinary man, and Tyler Durden, a soap salesman, embark on a mind-bending adventure. The underlying truths beneath the story, where they almost become a messiah, are portrayed so realistically in the film that we can easily say it has inspired many films and specific scenes in the 17 years since its production.

2 The Matrix – 1999

The Matrix 1999 scaled

The year 1999 was deserving of being the beginning of a new century for the film industry. Just like Fight Club, which we mentioned earlier on the list, The Matrix is also a 1999 production. The trilogy was directed and written by the Wachowski siblings. The visionary siblings utilized unprecedented film effects and redefined the meaning of science fiction. The story of the film compelled people to question the world anew. Keanu Reeves took on the lead role in the film. Prior to The Matrix, Reeves had made a mark in the film Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino, and after The Matrix, he appeared in another highly discussed film, Constantine. Apart from Reeves, The Matrix also featured names like Carrie-Anne Moss.

3 Star Wars Series

Star Wars Series

No matter what anyone says, in the realm of space and science fiction genres, there is absolutely no rival for Star Wars. Out of the 7 films made, which revolve around the concept of the battle between the dark and light sides, 6 of them bear the signature of George Lucas, who brought the series to life. Star Wars has so many unique elements that it has millions of fans worldwide. Among the highlights are the lightsabers, Jedi warriors, and characters like Chewbacca. For those who want to watch Star Wars and follow the story correctly, it is recommended to watch the films in the order of 4-5-6-1-2-3-7.

4 Avatar – 2009

Avatar 2009

James Cameron had to wait for years to make this film. In fact, the world and characters created in Cameron’s imagination for Avatar’s story were not technologically feasible at that time. Let’s also mention that the name “Avatar” refers to the visible forms or shadows of gods in Hindu mythology. The film’s effects were created at Pixar Studios. In fact, the computers used for rendering were among the top 500 most powerful computers in the world at the time. With a budget of around $500 million, the film generated a revenue of $3 billion in Cameron’s hands. Now, fantasy universes are compared to Avatar in terms of their creation. Let’s see what the future holds for the continuation of the film.

5 Titanic – 2012

Titanic 2012

Another film that undoubtedly left its mark on cinema history is Titanic. We included Titanic on the list not just because it is a Cameron film, but because it truly deserves it. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, who finally achieved their goal of winning an Oscar, this film has moved so many people to tears that if you were to gather all those tears, they would probably quench the thirst of a residential area for a considerable period of time. The story of the film revolves around the sinking of a luxury cruise ship named Titanic, which was believed to be unsinkable. The love and drama depicted in the film resonate with viewers on a deep level for its 3 hours and 14 minutes duration, and it can take weeks to recover from its impact.

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