We take pride in our belief that scientific progress is achieved through collaboration, that the playing field for scientific research should be globally leveled, and that research conducted in a democratic environment using innovative technologies should be made accessible to everyone.

Listemod.com is a blog aimed at creating, disseminating, and encouraging dialogue among thousands of people with a perspective of providing quality lists. We aim to establish easily accessible data archives on various topics ranging from movies to sports to food, enabling information and thoughts to reach wide audiences in an entertaining manner.

To achieve this, we operate as a virtual magazine publishing lists, research articles, compilations, dictionary definitions, blogs, essays, and interviews. Listemod content consists of specially crafted articles for Listemod.com, as well as various external citations, sources, and social media posts.

We are on a journey to democratize information. The Open Access paradigm is the only model that allows for this. The content is freely accessible from all electronic devices, regardless of where it is downloaded and read, be it from Burkina Faso to Romania or Silicon Valley. Providing freely accessible and dynamic academic content is our primary goal.

The Listemod team

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